The value of creating something to the measure of one’s own essence, personality, body shape, always retains its own charm.
The procedure is the classical, sartorial one, with the shirt sewn by hand and fabricated according to the measurements of the person who will wear it: neck, chest, shoulders, cuffs, sleeves, waste, length.
Because the matrix of true elegance is in the perfection of gestures, in the imperceptible sequence of details.

The choice of fabrics includes some of the best international names: Our valued suppliers are Canclini, Albini, Monti, and they represent the best of Italian textile production.

The possibilities of personalization include the type of fabric 250, neck size 12, cuffs 5. Furthermore,
it is possible to mark each garment with zodiac signs, flags, currency symbols and any other requested distinctive element.

Embroidery of initials is carried out upon advance choice of font by the customer. It is also possible to sew buttonholes in different colors.

Pockets, when requested, can have rounded or squared edges, depending on the customer’s taste and needs.

Buttons are a quality factor in bespoke shirts: different in terms of color, material and shape.
The perfect complement is Australian mother-of-pearl, which imparts a tone of recognizable exquisite and unique elegance.